Undergraduate Plant/Biodiversity Courses

Undergraduate Plant Courses - please check the UBC Calendar for course availability:


Course NumberCourse NameSyllabus
BIOL 203Eukaryotic Microbiology
BIOL 209Non-vascular plants. 
BIOL 210Vascular plants. 
BIOL 317Weed Science (AGRO 328). 
BIOL 320Survey of Algae. 
BIOL 321Structure and Evolution of Bryophyta. 
BIOL 322Structure and Evolution of Ferns and Fern-allies.  
BIOL 323Structure and Reproduction of Fungi.
BIOL 324Introduction to seed plant taxonomy. 
BIOL 343Plants and People. 
BIOL 351Plant Physiology I 
BIOL 352Plant Physiology II
BIOL 406Plant Ecology I.
BIOL 407Plant Ecology II.
BIOL 412Phytogeography.
BIOL 415Plant evolution. 
BIOL 421/APBI 426Plant-Microbe Interactions.
BIOL 423Plant Stress Ecophysiology.
BIOL 433Plant Genetics.
BIOL 443Plant Breeding and Biotechnology. 
BIOL 444Techniques in Plant Molecular Biology. 
BIOL 448Directed Studies. 
BIOL 462Ecological Plant Biochemistry. 
MRNE 420Marine Phycology. 
MRNE 430Marine Ecology. 
BIOL/APBI 440Plant Genomics (to be taught Jan 2010) 


To complete a Plant Biology Major, please see the necessary courses on
the Biology Program Worksheet